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About Us

I've always been hesitant about online shopping - I'm not the tallest person; I have a short torso, big chest, small arms, big thighs. And I hate returning things (don't we all)? I was weary about buying clothes that I couldn't feel on my skin and try on before dropping my hard earned money on. As cautious as I've been about online shopping, I've always loved clothes. I've loved the vivid patterns and the vibrant solids. I've loved the evolution that my closet has gone through as I went from a high schooler spending my allowance at the mall on Saturday afternoons, to a college student in Austin, TX, collecting unique pieces from the shops on South Congress, to a young professional in Houston, TX scrolling through my favorite influencer's instagram's for inspo. Through all these stages, its never just been about how the clothing looks; it's about how it feels. And more importantly, it's about how clothing has made me feel. So no, I am not the tallest person. I have a short torso, big chest, small arms and big thighs but I have found clothing that makes me love every part of myself.

Our clothing tells stories. They hold the memories of happy times, sad times and everything in between. I'm not saying I keep my clothes forever. But I will say that my closet is no longer a constantly revolving door. I've realized that I'm okay with spending money on things that are worth it. I don't mind spending extra money on a basic black top that'll last for years rather than a top that'll need to be replaced every few months. The Alleyway was born with the idea that, yes, trendy is great, but feeling good is timeless. At The Alleyway, we have handpicked our clothes to ensure every person walks away with timeless, quality pieces. We have our real life friends and family modeling in the photos so you can see how real women look in the clothing. We want to take out some of that guesswork that goes into online shopping.

Most importantly, we want you to love your clothes, love how they feel and love how you feel in them. We are so excited to have you here. 

Welcome to The Alleyway.